Alexander Gaevsky

I'm a contract Python software engineer and consultant from Ukraine with 6yrs+ experience, Django-Oscar core developer and open-source contributor.

Now I'm running an agency Metaclass, which focused on ecommerce development and business processes automation using Python 3, Django and good notions. We help businesses to develop custom solutions for ecommerce and marketing — b2c and b2b marketplaces, POS, CRM, ERP, paperless workflow, intranet and dashboards. We help client with the product design, test coverage, documentation, deployment automation and infrastructure maintenance. Django Oscar is obviously is part of our stack too.
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Lightning talk "How to keep open-source project alive" on DjangoCon Europe 2017.
"Developing Ecommerce Platform With Django Oscar" on PyconPL 2018
"Developing Ecommerce Platform With Django Oscar" on PyconDE 2018
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