Alexander Gaevsky — About Me

I'm a contract Python software engineer and consultant from Ukraine with 6yrs+ experience. Previously I've been working as a project leader on Django Stars, Python developer on iPressroom.

Experienced developing Django-based applications, moreover has experience with Werkzeug/Jinja2 stack, RDBMS(MySQL, PostgresSQL), NoSQL(MongoDB, CouchDB), full-text search engines(Solr, Elasticsearch, Sphinx), Celery, caching (Redis, Memcached, Varnish etc), REST API (Django REST Framework, Django-OAuth-toolkit etc), git, git flow, Github, Mercurial, unit-testing (django-webtest, factory boy, etc), Selenium, CI/CD (Travis CI, Circle CI, Jenkins), AWS (EC2, S3 etc), documentation (Sphinx, markdown, Django REST Swagger etc) external API integration (social media, payments etc), DevOps (Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Fabric etc), JS/jQuery/AngularJS/Backbone/Knockout, Wagtail/DjangoCMS, HTML5/CSS/CSS3/SaSS/Bootstrap etc.
Worked as a single developer in the team, also coordinated small dev teams with the direct communication with the client, have experience with Scrum/Agile techniques.

I'm located in Ukraine and being collaborating with the clients from US, UK, Australia, Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, Switzerland etc and other team members remotely, and being using variety of tools to keep it efficient: Redmine, Jira, Trac, Basecamp, Trello, Github, Skype, Hipchat, Slack, Google Hangouts, Hamster Indicator, Caato Time Tracker and a couple of own custom tools.

I've been working on ecommerce, marketing, PR platforms, marketplaces, content projects, coupon discounters, dashboards and others.
Dealed with multi-lingual and multi-currency sites and implemented internationalization, currency conversion, taxes calculation etc;
Refactored projects to make more readable, structured, cleaned code, migrated to the newer/latest Django, from Python 2 to Python 3;
Improved test coverage and set up CI;
Did performance profiling and database optimization, utilize Memcached/Redis for caching, configure caching HTTP reverse proxy;
Set up, deployed and maintained Linux-powered virtual machines and servers, error reporting and monitoring (New Relic, Sentry, OpBeat etc), automated tasks with Ansible, migrated projects to the new infrastrtucture;
Integrated various external APIs (Instagram, Shopify, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, Tropo, Box, Adobe Sign and many more) and payment methods (PayPal, PayU, Post Finance, Stripe and many others);
Imported and exported documents from/to a variety of formats — PDF, CSV, XML etc;

You can find more about my work experience in my LinkedIn profile.
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